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تنـــــه   نـــــزن           טאנה  נאזאן     Tanehnazan

Editor David Fakheri
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    Sunday, June 6, 2010

    همسرم تولدت مبارک

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    Welcome to the newest Issue of


    An English, Hebrew and Farsi

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    Editor Daveed Fakheri

    6 . 6 2010

    Editor's note to the world!
    How the world can be united?

    To be united in order to save lives in Africa, Asia , South America  is Impossible.
    To be united to fight the global hunger , poverty, decease is impossible.
    To  be united to free the miserable people who live under the Bandage & cruelty of the Dictators who rule their countries, is impossible.
    To be united to educate the children of the world who most of them even don't know how to read or write, is impossible.
    To be united to fight the Drug trafficking & the Drug Dealers , Prostitution, Slavery, Human Trafficking, Child  & Women abuse, Weapons abuse, Religion abuse, Anti Human's rights, Anti Semites & New Nazis & New Fascists ........ is impossible.

    BUT how come world could be united for a ship supposedly carrying "Humanity Aids !" with 685 Passengers in it who most of them were carrying fire arms And other regular but dangerous weapons (which was so easy to through them in to the sea when they had to be surrounded to the IDF commandoes) to use them against the soldiers who had every right to check the items in there  before they''ll be handed to their enemies & being killed, go to the "Heaven" and sleep with "72 versions " as a "Sfahid" was possible ?!
    Was it because they have been  going to do something against the "JEWS "?!
    If that is the reason to be " united " So we the "Jews" are  proudly ready to give you this evil feeling that you have toward us to use it to solve all the problems maintained above!.
    Don't worry we won't charge you for that SERVICE! Like we never charging you for the other services we did & do to save the world "explorations, Discoveries. Inventions " !.

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