Weekly Report From Sat. October. 10th. .. 2015

تنـــــه   نـــــزن           טאנה  נאזאן     Tanehnazan

Editor David Fakheri
سردبیر داوید فاخری
עורך דוד פאחרי

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    Dear Friends

    Due to technical problems

    and lack of adequate

    staff, The SITE will be

    closed until further notice

    Saturday, September 11, 2010

    Welcome to the newest issue of
    مجله هفتگی تنه نزن
    Editor, Daveed Fakheri 
    سردبیر داوید فاخری
    עורך דויד פאחרי
    English, September , 11. 2010
    Hebrew/Israeli, Tishrei, 4. 5771
    Iranian, Shahrivar, 20. 1389

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     Pearl Harbor Survivor!! Fantastic!

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