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تنـــــه   نـــــزن           טאנה  נאזאן     Tanehnazan

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    Thursday, July 14, 2011

    July 10th, 2011
    Tir 19th, 1390


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    ז׳ בְּתָּמוּז תשע״א
    7th of Tamuz, 5771
    Sat, 9 July 2011

    Awarded $150,000 Fellowship
    The teacher from Palos Verdes Estates

    was recognized by the Knowles

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    ח׳ בְּתָּמוּז תשע״א
    8th of Tamuz, 5771
    Sun, 10 July 2011

    Operation Entebbe
    July 4th, 1976

    Operation Entebbe was a hostage-rescue mission carried out by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) at Entebbe Airport inUganda on 4 July 1976.[1] A week earlier, on 27 June, anAir France plane with 248 passengers was hijacked by Palestinian terrorists and supporters and flown to Entebbe, near Kampala, the capital of Uganda. Shortly after landing, all non-Jewish passengers were released.

    The IDF acted on intelligence provided by the Israeli secret agency Mossad. In the wake of the hijacking by members of the militant organizations Revolutionary Cells and thePopular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, along with the hijackers' threats to kill the hostages if their prisoner release demands were not met, the rescue operation was planned.[2]These plans included preparation for armed resistance from Ugandan military troops.[3]
    The operation took place at night, as Israeli transport planes carried 100 commandos over 2,500 miles (4,000 km) to Uganda for the rescue operation. The operation, which took a week of planning, lasted 90 minutes and 103 hostages were rescued. Five Israeli commandos were wounded and one, the commander, Lt Col Yonatan Netanyahu, was killed. All the hijackers, three hostages and 45 Ugandan soldiers were killed, and 11 Soviet-built MiG-17s of Uganda's air force were destroyed.[4] A fourth hostage was murdered[5]by Ugandan army officers at a nearby hospital.[6]

    The rescue, named Operation Thunderbolt, is sometimes referred to as Operation Jonathan in memory of the unit's leader, Netanyahu. He was the older brother of Benjamin Netanyahu, who served as the Prime Minister of Israel from 1996 to 1999 as well as since 2009.[7] As a result of the operation the United States military developed highly-trained rescue teams modeled on the Entebbe rescue. The most visible attempt to imitate it was Operation Eagle Claw, a failed rescue of 53 American embassy personnel held hostage in Tehran during the Iran hostage crisis.[8][9]

    Date : 4 July 1976
    Location : Entebbe
    Results : Mission Successful
    102out of 105 Hostages rescued


    Commanders And Leaders


    Approximately 100 Commandos,
    and Sayeret Golani,
    plus air crew and support personnel.

    7 hijackers,Unknown number of
    Ugandan soldiers.

    One ( 1 ) commando killed
    Five ( 5 ) commandos wounded

    All 7 killed

    Ugandan Soldiers
    45 Ugandan soldiers killed

    and Unknown number of
    Ugandan soldiers wounded

    Eleven ( 11 ) Russian MiG-17 aircraft
    destroyed by the Israeli Commandoes.
    Four ( 4 ) hostages killed
    Ten (10 ) hostages wounded

    Q : How to Combat International Terrorism
    A : Operation Entebbe and the Israeli Soldiers

    ۱۸ تیر ماه ۱۳۹۰

    By Daveed Fakheri
    ٍEdit, Dariush Fakheri
    Eli Cohen The Impossible Spy


    My Jewish Learning, WikipediA,
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    Video Music of Ophra Haza
    Deliver Me -Prince of Egypt
    ז׳ בְּתָּמוּז תשע״א
    7th of Tamuz, 5771
    Sat, 9 July 2011

    July 7th, 2011
    Tir 16th, 1390

    A note to Anti-Israel, Anti-Judaism
    and Anti-semite groups.

    here are the secrets to be so
    successful like Jews;

    חכמה בינה דעת

    Wisdom Understanding

    Try it and see how everything changes in your life and you will start doing everything differently. For example, wanting to make peace with israel, releasing the kidnapped Israeli soldier, Gilad Shalit to his family, stop killing each other for fun, choosing better comrades than the islamic republic of Iran.
    Daveed Fakheri

    ۸ تیرماه ۱۳۹۰
    ۲۹ جون ۲۰۱۱


    June 26, 2011 - Israeli
    startup Powermat's
    is to be embedded in
    General Motors cars,

    office furniture and

    even airport seating.

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