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    Tuesday, September 13, 2011

    Why do they hate us?
    : tanehnazan.com,

    Answer to the above question

    The problem with the Arabs
    or Muslim World in general is that

    they never want to learn even from
    even their own history experiences
    . ( best or worst ) to improve their own life
    the Egyptians for example after so many

    times that they have been defeated

    shamefully by Israeli Defense
    Forces ( IDF ) but still

    " generations after generations "

    think that the

    ONE who was Before them
    couldn't have delivered the job
    in the right way " which

    is to drown the Israelis in the sea ",
    and now it is the time for them

    to do it exactly as it
    should had been done!

    President * Anvar Sadat * ( Blessed Memory ) has been
    and still is the only leader in the Muslim world who

    wisely between the other Muslim nations bought an

    Honorable place of peace and honor for his nation in

    the world for the past 34 years by
    Coming to Jerusalem ,
    Giving speech of peace in front of
    israeli parliament ( keneset ) members
    And finally signing the Peace Treaty with
    The #1 Enemy !! of Islam, Israel

    although unfortunately his life was

    taken by an fundamentalist Muslim like
    generation of Egypt that insist to experience

    the same unfortunate destiny

    of ABDOL NASSER'S wars with Israel!.

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