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تنـــــه   نـــــزن           טאנה  נאזאן     Tanehnazan

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    Saturday, May 5, 2012

    دوشنبه ۳۰ آوریل ۲۰۱۲

    اخرین شماره تنه نزن تا تاریخ ۳۰ اوریل ۲۰۱۲
    هالوکاست، جان باختگان اسرائیلی در دفاع از کشور،
    ۶۴ سالگی استقلال

    ویژه تنه نزن  SPECIAL

    Holocaust / Gas chambers
    هولوکاست یاداوری اطاقهای گاز
    ۵۷۷۲ - ۲۰۱۲

    An exhibition about the covert Israeli operation
     to capture Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann
     in 1960 keeps on revealing new secrets.

    یادداشت، داوید فاخری
    با اینکه بزرگترین اسیبها در زمان جنگ دوم جهانی توسط نازیهای المانی که نژاد خود را نسبت به نژاد دیگر ملتها به ویژه یهودیان اروپا برتر میدانستند و به این دلیل « ذلیلانه » از هر ۳ یهودی اروپائی ۲ نفر به دست انان به قربانگاه های « اشویتس، داخائو و غیره فرستاده شدند تا از به قتل رساندن بچه های شیرخواره گرفته تا سالمندان انان رقم کشتار دسته جمعی را به   ۶ میلیون برسانند و  ان را به بزرگترین « نسل کشی » که تاکنون تاریخ به یاد دارد تبدیل سازند ولی با این وجود اسیب دیدگانی از جانب انان مانند « کولیها ، مغولها ، همجنس گرایان ، کمونیستها ، دگر انیشان و غیره » نیز وجود داشته اند که ما یهودیان اسیب دیده و انسانهای خوب دیگر در جهان نمیتوانیم مشقتهائي نیز که بر انان وارد شده را فراموش کنیم  ادامه 

    Israel has won ten Nobel Prizes
     in all areas so far
    کشور اسرائیل در ۶۴ سال عمر کوتاه و مجدد خود که در سرزمین پدری و مادری ان بنا گردیده است شهروندان شایسته ان نیز توانسته اند در کنار جوائز بی شمار بین المللی که در رشته های علمی ، تحقیقاتی ، پزشکی و تکنولوزی و هنرهای مختلف کسب نمایند همچنین موفق به دریافت ۱۰ جایزه * نوبل * در زمینه های گوناگون نیز شده باشند

    I the past 63 years A total of 22993 men and women have been killed in the wars with the enemies of the state or by, Terrorists attacks or in Military Exercises in order to defend the jewish state of israel
    روز بزرگداشت از زنان و مردان و کودکانی که از بدو برپائی مجدد سرزمین امنی برای یهودیان، کشور * اسرائیل * در پی جنگهای اجباری و یا در عملیات تروریستی گروه های ناجوانمرد اسلامی و یا در حین تمرینات دظامی جان خود را برای سرفرازی ان  بر سر راه وطن نهاده اند.

    Missions around the
    world celebrate 
    Israel's independence
    hosts to dine in luxurious hotel in Moscow, prepare falafel in New Delhi and drink Israeli wine in New Zealand. Jewish community in Toulouse tries to make transition from mourning to celebrations

    Toronto-based newspaper highlights Israel's contribution to technology, urges Jewish state to 'recognize significance of non-Arab Pakistanis and Ajmi Muslims'

    'Weekly Press Pakistan' wishes Israel happy birthday
    Toronto-based newspaper highlights Israel's contribution to technology, urges Jewish state to 'recognize significance of non-Arab Pakistanis and Ajmi Muslims'

    "Anyone who denies the existence of Israel, actually denies his own existence," according to a special article published by Toronto-based Weekly Press Pakistan on Tuesday, ahead of the Jewish state's 64th Independence Day.

    The article, which was published in the Urdu language on the Toronto-based newspaper's website, was distributed through a popular journalists' forum on Google and included a video clip titled: "What does Made in Israel mean to you?" 

    64 years have passed, but unfortunately here anesthetized, greedy, money worship, task killer, innocent children and girls raped and later murdered by the secret of the wild wild. where merit disqualification, morals fatuity,

    Stereotyping is considered to be honest, where high golden principles of religion deserves to be punished, and words and actions contradict to zny neck, referring to everything in the Qur'an and Hadith to impress others are the proud achievements . do not believe in the conscience of the so-called fortress dealer, the pen body and the body are legal tender and guaranteed success. one side torn western elite class English medium school where the youngest students embarrassing girlfriend Steak and wine culture and identify by boyfriend of her soul and the coating is being made bankrupt by the Urdu medium schools, pilot schools have children who are living away from saying that it is a fast world , and let God, as the next world are waiting for you huryn. charitable aid from a foreign country in which the sun shines upon the special and regular bathing is win-hearted. misfortune of public religion clergy to shed blood in the name of the proxy war between the countries of the pioneers of the bill is submitted to the Treasury pytrudalr mouth open, while accused of killing Kamal dhtayy U.S., Israel and India are on the thunp. while The ground reality is that vast area of Northern Areas of Pakistan-China friendship has to be. part of Balochistan has been placed in the lap of Iran. Gwadar port are afraid of Iran and the United Arab Emirates. Kashmir for all But the stakes were not received. patriotic people of East Pakistan and the significance was not lost as a result abrtnak ditch. Pakistanis in Bangladesh, Biharis in the camps who customarily called the camp, the third generation stone eyes of Pakistanis are tired when they get tired of the way in Pakistan would be accepted by a show whose golden dreams of their forefathers had been foolish. shame more shameful than to die from drowning exploit back with a series of horrific is issued. child khcy Islamic Republic of Pakistan has been labeled a joke with the fact that Islam and democracy do not flourish being issued. capital Islamabad is understood by the name of self-settled that will be. anything except their own meaning of Islam is not recognized enough. capital's name or get rid of your opponent, what is the name of Islam. a share in the property to his sister's daughter His marriage is composed of the Holy Qur'an and Islam to the West to hit the $ khry saying bad things about your business, NGO's polishing. it seems that Pakistanis themselves do not recognize the existence of other Pakistanis. pktunstan exist who has come late to become a reality will not put. insurgency in Balochistan has caused, though the word is found mutilated bodies are. supported revolt in the U.S. and other so-called friendly countries of Pakistan fully are supported. Afghan soil where they once roamed the currency, which I used to say that the love of ruling Pakistan where Pakistanis casualty sweat, your blood will there brave Afghan, Pakistan U-turn thanks to the elements has become the amajgah. Terrors of war on innocent Muslims unjustly hands dyed in blood were not only received but also the dollar. lights of the city of Karachi is a tragic scene where they kill and die Do not know anything. victim's identity after his father, what relationship does the killing and was charged with being anti-class tone thunpa. beginning with Partition Holocaust is terrible today seems more is. being given the wrong message to the world that Pakistanis have admitted killing, but peace is not recognized. nature like that of slavery, can not help myself. of Arabic due to foreign slaves, white-skinned are affected. Once the Mughal and British rule and sometimes the price is now America's slaves. and taurine is the slave of the crusher, the alignment of the nose can not, therefore, that the people are able . ship grjayy say if your lucky ill-fated ship and proud defender of national borders in 1965 when he was buried in ice tudy and entertaining songs are broadcast.
    msdaq stake Decorated with a unique idea of Zionism was abused. Book under an organized plan and with whom marriage is permissible to eat, drink, prapygyndh offensive was launched against the hate. dual Arab-backed communists Islam and disbelief nysnlzm kyalmbrdar Palestinian territorial issue, making it a battle lost is equal to all the laws of nature. true and false shame to say it is above any religion, whether it be from the. name of so-called Muslims, but Lord of all worlds. course nafrmanyan Israel in the past, there have been, they are also imposing slavery years, strayed from the path was straight, but they also were unlawfully killed Jews and their lessons learned handled. Jewish leaders around the world gathered drbdr particles particles, the re-establishment of an independent state's quest to create a peaceful, thanks to a world whose horizons have everlasting vision of state in Israel has succeeded in becoming a beaming sun . became a source of strength and power. innovation is the innovation. Development braq flight destination is like. Israelis surprised the world is hard work and intelligence. Israel at all times committed to serve humanity. Israel Today brotherhood and camaraderie based on a multi-cultural society is offering a view of the example is impossible to meet. relief aid services from a mental institution Isra blind can deny it. Save A Child program for children in Israel pyundkary heart of the magnificent feat is being conducted by the Arab Muslim countries are benefiting from the existence of Israel has ruled. source of knowledge and wisdom are raging. bthlaty entire developed world is on srankhun and so-called Muslim leaders are also being forced to drprdh confidential relationship.
    Pakistanis, the Arabs against Israel to win the heart of what debauchee not maintained? Blajuaz spread hatred against Israel at the UN, the Arab-Israeli war, Israeli aircraft dropped off, the Israeli cricket team opposed membership in the ICC, Israeli flags were burned, etc., etc. But Israel's highest tribute to the Israeli leadership zrfy ever their enemies in Pakistan did not think that is an utter lie, lie that the Israelis are opposed to Pakistan. China and seas higher than the Himalayas from Pakistan friendship is deep, strategic partner of Israel Today is.
    Speaking of law in Pakistan is the opposite of Israel. President has not respected the immunity. Past president of the staff of the women had long sex diarrhea. Not only finished the sentence but also the beneficiary. Controversial prison under administrative rulesNo wrongdoing. why that's touching the identity of Israel, Pakistan and Arab countries shall disorder is caused.

    Local religious groups be considered hate politics that had previously opposed the establishment of Pakistan, the Saudi Riyal to raise money and Iranian hostility to Israel have been bound at the waist. Country occupying foreign aid Surviving Class Elite Class, can not see the peaceful face of Israel, can not receive scholarships for higher education in Israeli universities, do not walk in step with the developed world, can not understand the attitude of Israel and the Arab media hate propaganda offensive on the news broadcast Find.
    Today, April 25, Israel 64 th anniversary of Israelis deeply wish to produce severe injustice will. Today Israelis following YouTube video to see the innovations we rightly asking how long sma bkm will be a cousin? But Israel does not have eyes to see? Do you have ears but do not hear the echo of Israel's actions? But I do not understand the reality of Israel? Pakistan has to stay long ostrich? Open your eyes. Come to your senses. Say goodbye to all kinds of hatreds. Do not waste more time, to sincerely accept Israel, the Hajj pilgrimage to Saudi kings occupy their business in order to polish the titles do not forget to first. Israel Aqsa Mosque and other sacred places of pilgrimage for all Muslims, including Pakistanis welcomed incoming calls.
    Pakistan intelligent people holding hands on the planet will contribute to peace-making hub. hope that Israel should be a distinction between foreign Muslims and Arab Muslims and the media will not get a day-to-Media Dialogue will develop. Happy Birthday to Israel Day.

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