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    Sunday, June 28, 2009

    تازه ترین تاریخ و ساعت به روز شده کل سایت ۲ بامداد ۸ تیر ماه ۱۳۸۸بوقت لس انجلس

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    Israel, Iran & the Jewish World & ....

    (Emile Salman)
    Hamas: No truth in media storm over Shalit deal
    Hamas official says last Israeli offer was made under Olmert; Barak blasts 'damaging' reports on Shalit
    (Nir Kafri)
    ANALYSIS / Shalit has become the key to Mideast peace
    World hopes Shalit's transfer to Egypt would prompt prisoner swap, usher progress on other fronts
    Israel, Egypt negotiate terms of new Gaza truce
    U.S., EU making efforts to include Hamas in peace process, long-term truce with Israel
    Mousavi would shun nuclear weapons, says Iran scholar
    U.S.-based historian tells Haaretz defeated reformist knows nuclear bomb would be 'catastrophic' for Iran
    Where has ex-Iran president Rafsanjani vanished to?
    The once avid supporter of supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei may now be plotting his downfall
    Netanyahu: EU receptive to Israel stance on Palestinian statehood
    In bid to end row with U.S. over settlements, Barak to meet on Monday with U.S. envoy Mitchell
    Israeli fans angry at rumors Michael Jackson killed himself
    Fans gathered at Tel Aviv's Dizengoff Square, lit candles, comforted each other in wake of star's sudden death
    Second IDF soldier refuses to serve over violence towards Palestinians
    Infantry soldier refuses orders until army probes his claims of unjustified violence during W. Bank op

    Poland gets openly gay rabbi
    Associated Press

    Illustration photo: Dana Koppel 

    Million dollar baby?/ Lubitch

    1st 'Museum of Jewish people' to open in TA

    Fans across Arab world saddened by pop star's untimely death over weekend

     Posted by Regina Brett 
    Sent by Firuz Farivar


    کجاست حقوق زن ایرانی ؟!

    فرستنده ژوزف سومخ

    تظاهرات مردم در مقابل مسجد قبا یکشنبه شب هفتم تیر ماه ۸۸ 

    هزاران نفر بی دعوت آمدند

       را در اینجا بخوانید و در کلیپ زیر تماشا کنید


    ابراهیم نبوی

    پشت دیوارهای اوین

    سفارت بریتانیا در تهران

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