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    A Message To President Obama


    My dear President

    Please stay objective when you are discussing Israel's security situation in the Middle East when you meet with the leaders of the Moslem Nations or send messages to their people. 

    Whatever you do and whoever you talk to, Please bear in mind that the majority of them are after annihilating this nation and would prefer to wipe it out from the world map.

    Bear in mind that they want to rule the world in force. Look at their acts against United States and Israel in other part of the world. Places such as China, India, Pakistan , Afghanistan, Chechnya, and many more countries.

    Bear in mind that they are and teaching their children to be against the principals that United States and Israel stand for, the dignity of every man and the rule of humane laws in their own society and throughout the world.

    Bear in mind that Israel is the only democratic nation in the region, the only real alley America has, the only supporter of our nation during the cold war era. 

    Bear in mind that they shouldn't put the safety of the Jews in Israel and around the world in danger. That ultimately leads to a danger for the whole world and a big loss for humanity.

    The friendship between Israel and United States is not based on national interest of each country but rather a profound relationship with many roots and so many more fruits.

    Dear Mr. Obama, 

    I hope that you take into consideration this very important fact that the good hearted, noble people of the United States of America will NEVER let the scene in this picture to be repeated AGAIN. 

    No Mr. President,

    A Jewish boy with his hands up in front of his slaughterers?! 


    David Fakheri


    6 . 5 . 2009

    Bedouin kids bat for peace with Jewish neighbors  
    06/07/09 - The Israel Cricket Association has launched a new initiative to bring Bedouin and Jewish children closer together over a bat and a ball. More...
    Israel's boxing league a champ at promoting coexistence  
    06/02/09 - Can an ancient art of war help promote peace in Israel? Leaders of Israel's boxing association certainly think so. More...
    Christian pilgrims take home a message of

    05/27/09 - When Pope Benedict XVI visited Israel this month, 10,000 Roman Catholic pilgrims from around the world came too. They discovered an Israel they weren't expecting. Find out more in our video storyMore...



    Tal-Ya Water makes the most of dew

    06/04/09 - An Israeli company has developed a reusable plastic tray to collect dew from the air, reducing the need to water crops by up to 50 percent. More...


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