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    اخرین شماره تنه نزن تا

    تاریخ بیستم جولای ۲۰۱۳

    שבת שלום

    Moses Speaks to Israel / 19th-century engraving by Henri Félix Emmanuel Philippoteaux

    سیزدهم جولای ۲۰۱۳ میلادی
    بیست و دوم تیر ۱۳۹۲ عرب صفتان

    Soldier of Free Syrian Army
    גילת ונויה קולנגי (מימין) יחד עם נטלי מנשה ובנה רום (צילום: ירון ברנר)
    Natalie, Rom, Gilat, Noya

    A supplement derived from oysters, beef or soy may improve the condition of people with degenerative brain disorders such as Parkinson’s. Image via Shutterstock.com

    A supplement derived from oysters, beef or soy

     may improve the condition of people with

     degenerative brain disorders such as Parkinson’s.

     Image via Shutterstock.com

    From left, Prof. Benjamin Sredni, Lital Kalich-Philosoph, Prof. Dror Meirow and Dr. Hadassa Roness with a diagram of what happens in the ovaries during chemo combined with AS101. Photo courtesy of Sheba Medical Center

    From left, Prof. Benjamin Sredni, Lital Kalich-Philosoph, 

    Prof. Dror Meirow and Dr. Hadassa Roness with

     a diagram of what happens in the ovaries during

     chemo combined with AS101.

     Photo courtesy of Sheba Medical Center



    he Bible recognized the diverse— and surprising—individuals who can find themselves in need of refuge. Let's learn from it. MORE>

    Moses describes the laws of oaths; the Israelites battle the Midianites; the tribes of Reuben and Gad request to dwell outside of the Land of Israel.
    If a man makes a vow to God or swears an oath, he must not permit his word to remain unfulfilled. He shall do whatever has coe forth from his  More   
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    A prophecy of destruction

     that is rife with metaphor.

    The Ashkenazic custom is to 
    read Jeremiah 2:4-28 and 3:4.
    The Sephardic custom is to
     read Jeremiah 2:4-28 and 4:1-2.

    The haftarah for Parashat Masei is the second
     in the series of three haftarot that are read
     between the 17th of Tammuz and the ninth of Av, all
     of which describe Israel's oppression and 
    destruction (tlata depuranuta). 
    Though it is not thematically connected to the
     parashah, the haftarah evokes the sense of
     mourning that characterizes 
    this period in the Jewish calendar. 


     from Torah Topics for Today
    from Torah Queeries
     from Women of Reform Judaism
     from CLAL
    from Social Action
     from American Jewish University
     from Orthodox Union
     from Hillel

    Number Matot Chapter 30/3: WHEN A man 

    voweth a vow unto the LORD, or sweareth

     an oath to bind his soul with a bond, he 

    shall not break his word.

    Picture from the Parasha.

    Photo: Shutterstock
    Women: Let us be kosher supervisors
    The Emunah women's organization, together with graduates of its kashrut supervision course for women, petitioned the High Court of Justice this week, demanding that it ...
    Full story 

    Photo: AP
    Yad Vashem honors WWII rescuers of Jews
    In the spring of 1943, the friend of a Polish-Catholic family discovered a naked, Jewish baby in a nearby dark, cold cellar. The child, not even two years old, could ...
    Full story 

    Tourists apologize for Jewish suffering
    A group of tourists from Korea raided Jerusalem's city center last weekend, handing out flyers apologizing for Christianity's atrocities against the Jewish people. ...
    Full story 


    President Shimon Peres, US Secretary of State John Kerry and PA President Mahmoud Abbas.

    Ansar Shariah says army's ousting isdeclaration of war on Islam.

    Hardline Islamists in Egypt.

    Upheaval in Egypt

    At least 30 people die, more than 1,000 wounded after Brotherhood call "Friday of Rejection" protests to denounce "coup."

    German paper publishes 'anti-Semitic' cartoon attacking Israel, July 2, 2013.
    German paper publishes 'anti-Semitic' 
    cartoon attacking Israel, July 2, 2013.

    ParliaMentor students outside Parliament
    ParliaMentor students outside ParliamentPhoto: Cristina Pedreira